PLFE Screen Series - Gateway to Comfortable Living

Insect Screens provide a modern and effective solution to keep flying bugs out of your living spaces, ensuring a comfortable environment. Enjoy clear outdoor views and excellent ventilation while benefiting from easy operation and long-lasting durability.

PLFE Screen window & door System

PLFE screen products offer you comprehensive comfort and safety in modern life,They effectively keep insects at bay, maintain indoor ventilation, and provide protection against harmful UV rays, all while allowing natural light to shine through. Easy plug-and-play installation saves you time and effort, and the minimalist aesthetic design enhances the beauty of your living space. Choose PLFE screen products for a better quality of life. Join our brand and experience the extraordinary.

PLFE Product Range

Custom Colors

Choose from many options for frame colors.

Insect Mesh Options

Choose between types of mesh Screens and enjoy fresh air and an evening breeze without the inconvenience of insects. The mesh also acts as an anti-glare sunshade on bright, sunny days.

PET yarn screen

Fiberglass mesh

Stainless Steel Highly Transparent Mesh

waterproofing mesh