P Invisible Screen Door

P Invisible Screen Door


Profile specification: aluminium alloy profile, wall thickness 1.2mm

Window screen specifications: large roll size installation surface 57mm * thickness 51mm, chute width 30mm (installation surface) * thickness 15mm

Size requirements: the reel does not exceed 1800mm, the chute does not exceed 1800mm, specific to the actual situation.

Mesh material: standard environmental protection flame retardant mesh (black grey optional), optional 48 mesh anti-bacteria functional mesh.

Hardware configuration: custom hardware, imported Sandvik springs, two-way dampingAssembly process: plug-in assembly

Suitable window type: internal casement window, external casement window, sliding window, downward-hung window Product function: anti-mosquito



  • Warranty ———-3 Extra Long Warranty;
  • Doesn’t take up space——- screen mesh can be freely shrunk, after installation and when not in use, the screen mesh can be completely shrunk into the screen box, does not take up space;
  • Anti-mosquito bite —– is made of 18*20 mesh environmentally friendly flame retardant mesh (18 mesh per inch horizontally and 20 mesh vertically), which is able to block all kinds of tiny mosquitoes;
  • Extend the service life — The screen mesh can greatly extend the service life of the screen window by recycling the screen mesh into the screen box without environmental influence after pulling it several times more when it is not in use;
  • Nail-free installation ——- internal or external installation of low-level screen window installation, the use of environmentally friendly neutral silicone marble-resistant structural adhesive and window fixed connection, does not damage the window, no odour, environmental protection and pollution;
  • Not blocking the light —– is made of 18*20 mesh (18 mesh per inch horizontally and 20 mesh vertically) environmentally friendly flame retardant mesh with 0.2 silk diameter, which is effective in preventing mosquitoes and bugs without affecting the indoor lighting;
  • Protect your family and furniture – the screens used in the screens are 18 * 20 purpose environmentally friendly flame retardant mesh, glass fibre with ultraviolet reflection, can block 80% of the ultraviolet radiation, can greatly reduce the indoor valuable furniture by a long time of ultraviolet radiation brought about by the damage to the family’s skin has a great protective effect;
  • Can be automatically cleaned —– invisible screens are used in addition to static environmental protection flame retardant mesh (Note: no static electricity, dust and no adsorption capacity between the screen, dust just fell on the screen above), in the screen box out of the screen outlet out of the installation of automatic cleaning brushes, in the normal pulling of the screen, you can play a role in the role of automatic cleaning.



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