P40 Trackless Screen Door

Product Name:P40/Trackless screen door

Profile specification: European standard ultra-high precision grade high-quality aluminum profiles, wall thickness 1.0-1.2mm.

Screen Door Specification: Mounting surface 34mm, bottom  rail height 5mm.

Size: height up to 3000mm, width can be extended infinitely.

Hardware Configuration:Japanese imported fittings.

Mesh material: PET mesh imported from Japan.

Suitable for door type: sliding door, swing door, folding door

Product function: anti-mosquito, anti-ultraviolet ray.

European standard ultra-high-precision high-quality aluminum profiles, wall thickness

of 1.2-2.0mm, both lightweight and high lightweight features, the original Japanese

technology, production equipment and accessories are imported from Japan, screen

even leveled with mute design, quality level of use of the texture, the design of the wall

pieces, easy to dismantle.







  • Warranty—–5-years long warranty;
  • Anti-mosquito bites —– a screen mesh made of polypropylene vinyl imported from Japan, which can block

all kinds of tiny mosquitoes;

  • Does not occupy space —– a screen mesh can be freely contracted, not in use when the screen can be received

to one side, does not occupy space; does not block the light – a screen door using high-quality PET material

screen, to ensure that the effect of anti-mosquitoes and insects at the same time, does not affect the indoor


  • Low threshold —–the height of the bottom rail is only 5mm, for children, the elderly and wheelchairs

through no obstacles, to avoid the bottom rail protrudes too high caused by the user to pass by the bottom rail

of the case of damage to the track of bumping or stepping;

  • Ultra-quiet one —–the use of Japan imported military-grade high-strength tow rope, Japan imported

track-type chain components, Japan imported gecko fixed buckle screen mesh in the middle of the position

of the installation of wind-resistant keel, so that the screen mesh in the unfolded state can effectively resist

the wind, to avoid the screen mesh due to the strong wind out of the track. The rope is made of military-grade

super-strong fiber rope, which is wear-resistant and not easy to break, and impact-resistant, and the tracked

chain design makes the screen open and close smoothly and without any obstruction, and at the same time, it

also has a good mute effect.




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